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About This Application

The New York State snowmobile trails represented on this online application are derived from information that the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has collected from local snowmobile clubs. The application includes all corridor and secondary trails funded through the NYS Snowmobile Trail Fund, as well as some local trail information that has been provided by local clubs. Since trails may change frequently for many reasons, or may be shown imprecisely on the map, this application is not intended for use in navigation, but for general reference. Please contact the local snowmobiling clubs for more detailed information about the trail system.

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New York Snowmobile Trails Interactive Map

The Map

The map shows the state funded snowmobile trails in New York for the 2017-2018 season (with some local trails provided by local clubs) and the clubs that maintain them. Clubs that do not have associated trails are also shown. The user can pan and zoom the map to view different locations at various levels of detail.


For those of participating clubs, trails will be colored green, red, or yellow to show if the trails are open, closed, or limited, respectively. All other trails are colored blue. Trails with thicker lines are Corridor trails and the ones with thinner lines are Secondary trails.

Trail Information

Trail codes are labeled along the trails. Upon clicking a trail a popup will appear and display the trail's code and associated club. Trail junctions are also shown as small circles with purple labels.


At higher zoom levels the map displays labels with club names. For those clubs that maintain state funded trails, the label's text color is blue. Clicking on these labels will zoom the map to show the club's trails and highlight them with a light yellow outline. Clubs that do not maintain state funded trails are shown in grey. Clicking on "club info" will open the club's New York Snowmobile Association's page in a new tab in your browser. To hide the labels uncheck the box "Show Club Labels when Zoomed In" at the bottom left of the map. To find an individual club, select the club's name in the alphabetical listing under "New York State Snowmobile Clubs" in the panel to the left of the map. The map will then zoom and center to the club's trails for those with trails or to the club's label on the map.


To find a location on the map, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top left of the map. Begin typing in the adjacent text box and choose the matching location from those provided. The map will zoom to that location.

Other Useful Maps

At the bottom right of the application are links to other maps. "Snow Depth Map (NOAA)" opens a map showing snow depths across the state and "Gas Prices Map (GasBuddy)" opens a gasoline pricing map. These links will open in a new browser tab.

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